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Alchip mission is to provide total ASIC solution from customer design to manufacturing by using leading-edge technology.

Due to the ever increasing SoC complexities, design risks, and design costs, it is critical for our customers to establish long term partnership with pure play ASIC house like Alchip.

Alchip is fully dedicated to achieve timely delivery of cutting-edge ASIC solutions to our customers. In addition, Alchip service model is quite flexible and we support ASIC biz for all data entry conditions: spec-in, partial spec-in, RTL-in, netlist-in, gds2-in, package-in, FG-in and production-in, etc.

In today’s increasingly competitive market, to differentiate from other companies is essential for our customers to succeed in their markets. Alchip’s mission is to provide customers with unique ASIC development solutions to achieve these goals:

  • Reduce customer’s upfront investment in physical design resources.
  • Achieve first-time-silicon success based on our past 420+ tape-out experience.
  • Provide value added services, from front-end to backend design tasks, to complement customer’s design expertise with the lowest risks and highest performance.
  • Strive to enable customers to achieve time-to-market from design to manufacturing.

ALCHIP Strengths

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